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Application of semiconductor lighting in urban landscape night scene

Landscape lighting nightsceneligting night lighting urban night lighting is gradually becoming an important task in urban management with the development of the city, economic prosperity, social progress and people's requirements for improving the quality of life. The continuous improvement of the city's night lighting level, reshaping and beautifying the image of the city, injecting new vitality and vitality into the city, showing a strong atmosphere of the times, showing the rich cultural heritage of the city, and fully reflecting the achievements of the city's construction and Management level.

Take our location in Hangzhou. Hangzhou city night lighting work started late, but in a few short years, it has made great progress and formed a certain scale, showing the unique style of West Lake night lighting "beautiful, fresh and bright", and got the society. The praise from all walks of life has been widely welcomed by the general public.

With the rapid development of science and technology, how to make the city night lighting better reflect the "people-oriented", so that the city night scene image is more beautiful, the characteristics are more distinct, showing good environmental, social and economic benefits, more standardized and scientific , art, socialization, and take appropriate work strategies to further improve the overall level, the use of new technologies, new light sources, can further improve the level of urban landscape night lighting, semiconductor lighting technology is a better choice. This is the issue we are exploring and studying further.

First, the advantages of semiconductor lighting Optoelectronics industry has developed into general lighting, when entering thousands of households, the market is very large, it is expected to replace 308-50% of the general lighting market by 2020. According to scientific calculations, if the national lighting power consumption saves one percentage point, it can save 2 billion to 3 billion kilowatt hours of electricity; if lighting electricity savings is one-third, it can save 100 billion kilowatt hours, the effect is equivalent to building another Three Gorges Power Project. Obviously, the economic contribution rate of the optoelectronics industry to the country will be enormous. The position of the optoelectronic industry in the information age is unquestionable and is playing an increasingly important role. The world optoelectronics industry is the foundation of several emerging industries, and it has penetrated into traditional industries and covered various industries.

LED light sources provide a highly directional light output device that can be used to make different optical systems. This feature is particularly suitable for urban landscape lighting, which allows for easy control of glare and maximum protection against light pollution. When using a LED to make a spotlight, its efficiency is higher than that of a daily light source. The reason is that the light output of the LED is strongly directional.

A commonly used light source, the efficiency of the beam emitted by the reflection system is only 60-708, of which 30-408 is lost, and the LED will not be like this, so the system is more efficient. In this case, compared with lamps made from conventional light sources, the energy saving rate is 508. The typical 2.58 damage rate of semiconductor lighting fixtures is 1000,000h. After considering the light decay, a convincing data is 50,000h. After the light decay is 308, that is to say, the lamp is used for night lighting, the lamp can be maintenance-free for 12 years.

Low voltage power supply and control system for easy maintenance. The low voltage and low current characteristics of LED make it the most direct beneficiary of solar power supply system. In the current promotion of clean energy and environmental awareness, the signal light made of LED as light source is together with solar panel and battery. Being an integrated system for urban night lighting is quite good. From the current situation, the technology of making lamps with LEDs is not much different from that of traditional light sources. If LEDs are made, they may be cheaper because of heat, light collection, etc., so they have more development prospects.

Second, the control of semiconductor lighting Zhejiang Stage Design Institute has been engaged in lighting industry lighting research research for many years, from the earliest analog control to the current dedicated digital lighting serial control protocol, network control, etc. have a huge technical advantage. A large number of lighting control products are spread all over the country, and are also brought to foreign performances by various art performance groups or as a foreign aid product to go abroad. The products are not only used in various large and medium-sized entertainment performance venues, but also successfully applied to Shanghai New World, Shanghai Library, Hangzhou Manchu Guiyu Theme Park and other places. Hangzhou has been called “Paradise on Earth” since ancient times, and West Lake is a paradise. The pearl in the middle. The night scene art lighting will create a "roaming paradise". According to Hangzhou's unique human environment and the characteristics of the West Lake environment: beautiful natural scenery; profound historical and cultural precipitation; well-known international tourism brands. Combined with the characteristics of night scene lighting control, the use of today's high-speed development of digital information technology and computer technology to achieve control of semiconductor lighting, highlighting Hangzhou's "manual, fresh, bright" West Lake humanistic features, emphasizing "light scenes", secondary lighting The shape is simple and deep, and the light is not seen. People enjoy the charm of the West Lake Night and blend in with the deep love... The lighting control of urban landscape lighting should be applied to the three levels of lighting control on weekdays, general festivals and major festivals; and full control of points, lines and planes through digital network control technology.

At present, there are still many cities where night lighting construction starts late, and night lighting lacks unified planning and design. The focus of night lighting is not prominent, the content is not rich, and the overall image of the city is not formed. The overall level of night lighting in the whole city is low, especially on weekdays, the dark areas are obvious, the lighting lacks features, and the nature and characteristics of the city are not fully reflected. The key areas and key scenes are not fully displayed. There is a lack of complete night scenery with matching scenery, scenery and bottom scenery; buildings and landscape night lighting methods are relatively simple, the high-tech content of lighting is low, the overall level is not high, and lack of dynamic. The night illumination of buildings does not reflect the perfect combination of technology and art, and does not show and shape the nightscape image of urban architecture. In particular, some important landmark buildings and tall buildings that reflect the natural landscape of the city and the modern metropolis need to be supplemented, strengthened and improved. The lighting of the ancillary facilities of urban buildings is not considered in the same way as the lighting of the main building, and there is a phenomenon of distinction between primary and secondary.

We envisage that the design of the urban nightscape control system uses the main control system to transmit control commands to each sub-control point through the network fiber, and then the control commands are transmitted to the LED lighting controller through the network or digital light transmission protocol by each sub-control point. The controller decodes the light control commands into actual light intensity outputs at various points to control the light and dark output of each semiconductor luminaire. If this control system can be put into operation in Hangzhou, then let our hometown Hangzhou, the entire West Lake and even Hangzhou as a large-scale lighting performance stage, all the attractions will be moved under the orderly control, the ever-changing lighting effects will change Bring a wonderful night to the whole of Hangzhou. The control system can not only conveniently control the lighting for the three levels of weekdays, general festivals and major festivals, but also can change the light output of each scenic spot according to the spring, summer, autumn, winter and other reasons, and the various scenic spots. The light output can be static or it can be changed according to a certain procedure, or it can be changed according to the artistic imagination of the operator. You can save various lighting changes as a lighting scene as needed, and simply recall them when needed.

Furthermore, because the control system covers a large area, maintenance of the system is also a problem that must be considered. We have successfully introduced a digital information feedback system in the field of lighting control, which can be conveniently placed in the control room. You can view the actual working status of each output point, which will bring great convenience to future maintenance work.

Third, the prospect of urban night lighting The night lighting is a systematic project. For the convenience of management, it is necessary to gradually realize the relatively centralized automatic control of the night lighting facilities, and carry out effective control of the time division according to the needs. With the rapid development of lighting technology, some advanced, high-tech new products and new technologies are emerging. We must be good at using modern science and technology and expression techniques to improve the level of night lighting work. Electronic technology, laser technology, holographic technology, optical fiber and light pipe technology, LED technology, computer technology, etc. should be applied to night lighting work. At the same time, we must pay attention to protecting the environment, saving energy, and actively promoting the use of energy-efficient products that meet the requirements of green lighting. Promote the use of high-efficiency light sources for semiconductor lighting with low starting voltage, low noise, low temperature rise, light weight, no stroboscopic, high efficiency and high life; select reasonable illumination standards and select appropriate lighting methods; Automatic management of control systems, automatic light control devices, etc. At the same time of utilizing high-tech products, the existing lighting products should be reasonably utilized to achieve the best results. To make the night lighting facilities and lighting effects compatible with the surrounding environment, in brightness, use

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