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LED application in decoration and landscape lighting

Energy and environmental issues have always been two major problems that plague the world. In 1998, US lighting used 36 billion yuan of electricity, accounting for about 20% of energy consumption; carbon dioxide emissions generated during power generation reached 112 million tons; global lighting consumption was 230 billion US dollars, and carbon dioxide generated by power generation reached 410 million Tonne; At the end of 2002, China's lighting power consumption was about 200 billion kilowatts, which consumed a lot of coal and oil, and the exhaust gas produced polluted the environment. Therefore, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving LEDs will gradually enter the field of lighting, which will help alleviate the energy crisis and improve the status of environmental pollution.

Advantages of 2LED Due to the peak season of electricity consumption in summer, many large cities such as Shanghai decided to close most of the night illumination, which led to the disappointment of many visitors. On such summer nights, enjoying the night night, LED is a good choice.

In decorative lighting, LEDs show an unparalleled advantage.

2.1 colorful colors. Currently, color LED products cover the entire visible spectrum, with good monochromaticity and high color purity. Red and blue LEDs have luminous efficiencies of up to 20lni / W, and red and orange LEDs have luminous efficiencies as high as 100lm / W. Traditional methods of obtaining colored light are incandescent lamps and filters, and incandescent lamps have a power of 820ltn / W. The transmittance of the filter, such as the transmittance of the red filter, is 0.06, so the final light efficiency is much lower than that of the color LED. The main features of several LEDs in Table 1 are the central wavelength wavelength (nm) of the color material (Cd). The light output is red-red - the orange yellow, green and blue LED response time is very short, usually a few milliseconds, and the full light output can be instantaneously achieved. If you use a combination of the three primary color LEDs, you can change the color immediately, which is ideal for dynamic lighting such as fountains. You can also dim the LEDs, use a combination of the three primary colors, and use PWM (PulseWidthModulator) to achieve color gradation, such as the exterior decoration of the building, more dreamy.

LEDs are low voltage devices with a robust structure. The working voltage of neon lights is tens of thousands of volts, which is also easy to leak, damage and other serious phenomena; text graphics made with neon lights are prone to lack of pen and stroke. Therefore, LEDs can replace neon to create billboards, which can reduce power consumption and avoid the negative effects of advertising caused by negligence of neon lights.

LEDs have a strong light directivity and are small in size, making the fixtures more efficient and easy to hide when installed. This is an example of an LED for landscape lighting.

2.5LED has a service life of up to 100,000 hours. The general light source is only a few thousand or tens of thousands of hours. The maintenance cost of the equipment is greatly reduced.

This is a four-corner pavilion that illuminates the top of the old building with LEDs and embeds the luminaires into the grooves of the roof, making the outline of the building very clear and clear. At the same time, because the LED lamp is small and concealed, it is not easy to be noticed even during the daytime, and does not destroy the overall style of the building like a conventional lamp.

The following table compares LEDs with conventional luminaires.

Table 2 Comparison of LED lamps and traditional lamps Use lamps LED traditional lamps Variety LED spotlights LED buried lights buried lights Fluorescent lamps number Single lamp power (w) Total power (w) Average life (h) Total power (W) from the table It can be seen that the use of LED luminaires consumes only 22% of the latter compared to conventional luminaires. If the lights are turned on for 5 hours a day, LED lamps can be used for 50 years; while traditional lamps have a shorter life. In the past 10 years, its maintenance costs have far exceeded LED lights.

2LED application in bar lighting The bar at the Anna Hotel in Munich, Germany has a unique lighting system: all light sources are LEDs. Since its opening in January 2002, customers have been constantly emerging, mainly bars. The lighting effect is attracted.

Two LEDs. A total of 1,800 Superflux and 24 Luxeons are used to achieve different styles of lighting by using different layouts and optics.

High-brightness LEDs are small in size and offer greater flexibility in applications. Different colors, atmospheres and emotions can be produced by combining, arranging and using a certain control system.

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