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LED lighting is an effective way to eliminate urban nighttime light pollution

Recently, research teams in Italy and the United States published a research report in the American Science Journal. The report shows that the problem of "light pollution" caused by excess artificial light such as nighttime illumination makes it impossible for one in every three people in the world to see the starry sky.

      Fabio Falki of the Italian Institute of Light Pollution Science and Technology said: "Now most countries use LED lighting. We should carefully consider the color and lighting level of LEDs. On a clear night, this pollution will appear 2- 3 times growth."

      When this news came out, it caused many people to discuss. Is it really the light pollution caused by LED? The reporter immediately called Mr. Chen Kai, the founder and president of Minghua Pu Yongming, who is the strongest design workshop in the domestic LED street lamp industry. He said: The city's main lighting fixtures or street lights can cause direct pollution of urban nighttime light and urban street lights, but it means light pollution caused by LED lighting. Because the current main lighting of the city is still mainly applied to traditional high-pressure sodium lighting, almost no replacement into LED, the replacement rate in China is relatively high, may be 5-10%, but the global replacement LED lighting level is less than 1% . Therefore, the "culprit" that causes nighttime light pollution in cities should be high-pressure sodium lamps that have long been used on a large scale.

      Urban lighting lamps have a large amount of sodium yellow light, which is highly penetrating, coupled with the city's flashing commercial neon lights and crane tower glare, which have a devastating effect on astronomical observations. Why does the sodium lamp cause nighttime light pollution in the city? Chen Kai said: "Because the sodium lamp is yellow light, the LED lamp is white light. From a spectral point of view, LED white light is not easily diffused in the air, and yellow and red light are easy to be in the air. Diffuse reflection in the middle. Because the light distribution of the sodium lamp is chaotic, it has upward luminous flux, and the LED lamp is accurate light distribution, wherever there is light, there is no need for light. Only the required area of the LED street lamp is There is light. Therefore, the light of the general LED street lamp is irradiated on the road surface, while the traditional light source sodium light is scattered everywhere, the waste is very serious, and all the wasted light will eventually become light pollution. Therefore, LED lighting is the future elimination. An effective way to pollute the city at night."


      As shown in the figure: the lens is used for light distribution, the directional control of the LED lamp is better, the waste of light is reduced, and the road uniformity can be better.


      Traditional light source streetlights, due to insufficient control of light, bring light pollution

       In fact, as early as a few years ago, an experiment confirmed that LED will not only cause nighttime light pollution in the city but also reduce nighttime light pollution in the city. Philips lumileds did an experiment in Los Angeles, USA, taking photos of Los Angeles city night sky from the same angle, and observed the city's night sky changes in Los Angeles for nearly 100 years. From the initial city night sky lighting, after the city's great development, high-pressure sodium lamps began to be used in large quantities, traditional light source street lamps, due to insufficient control of light, will bring light pollution. As a result, after the large-scale application of traditional light source street lamps, the night sky of the city is no longer dark, and the night sky of the entire city is red, causing serious pollution of the night lights in the city.


      Traditional light source street lights make the city's night sky no longer dark


       In 2012, Los Angeles implemented the LED streetlight transformation. Nearly 100,000 of the 210,000 street lamps were replaced with LEDs. LED street lights were better controlled by directionality, using lenses to achieve light distribution, and the directional control of LED lamps was better. , reducing the waste of light, and can achieve better road uniformity, so that the city's night sky returns to dark. This experiment is a good refutation of the media reports that LEDs produce light pollution.

       LED street lights return to the darkness of the city through better directional control

      Finally, Chen Kai also told reporters that the article actually meant to express the meaning of urban landscape lighting caused by urban light pollution, but now it is impossible to cause light pollution to the city night sky with LED landscape lighting. Because the urban landscape is just an embellishment, it is impossible to cause great trouble to the city night sky. It may cause some trouble to the residents nearby, but it is unlikely to affect the entire city on a large scale. The impact is very small, and the large-scale influence must be the main lighting fixture of the city, that is, the sodium lamp that is widely used. However, as the pace of urban replacement LED streetlights accelerates, nighttime urban light pollution will improve.

    “The sodium lamp with 99% coverage is not covered, and the coverage is less than 1%. LED lighting is the main cause of urban light pollution, which is purely nonsense.” Chen Kai said. The original intention of this article may be to tell us that urban landscape lighting does not do so much, too much will cause urban light pollution, but people who see this may enlarge the problem, saying that the city's light pollution is caused by LED.

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