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The return of the LED industry, the prosperous crisis of China's manufacturing industry

While checking the environmental protection, while raising prices, LED companies have been in the hot for a while.


The added value of China's manufacturing industry has ranked first in the world for many years, and “Made in China” is upgrading to “China's Smart Manufacturing”. In order to promote the future development of China's manufacturing industry, it is necessary to eliminate all the high-pollution, high-emission backward production capacity and promote the development of the fields mentioned in the “Made in China 2025” supporting implementation guide for smart manufacturing.

At the same time, the price hike started in the second half of last year, and there is no stopping trend in 2017. As far as the situation of the entire industry is concerned, prices have always touched the nerves of the Chinese LED industry. Of course, the "price war" prevailing in previous years, under the cost of "forced the palace", the company finally could not withstand the pressure, has been "painting style" sudden changes, have announced product price increases.

The real economy is a concentrated expression of social productivity, and it is the foundation of a strong country and the foundation of a country. Perhaps these difficulties are not a problem for the lighting giant. The Matthew effect of "the poorer the poor, the richer the richer" is also used in the LED industry. After the era of cheap distribution, the LED companies that took the low-end route will be more difficult in 2017. Industry elimination and product price increases will widen the gap between different brands, while brands that focus on value will continue to improve their competitive advantage. Enterprises want to break through and have to turn to value. Next, we really need to play more advanced.

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