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Those "innovations" in the field of packaging technology

As the LED industry continues to evolve, LED packaging technology is constantly innovating. From SMD, to COB, to EMC, which has soared in the past two years, to CSP, CSC is endless.


Although "new technologies" are emerging one after another, they are truly popular in the market, namely SMD and COB. The current application market share is mostly concentrated on these two technologies. But even with these two technologies, there are still more dead lights in the actual process. A few days ago, a case of LED dead light in the LED R&D Center of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has been described in detail. In the final analysis, it comes from packaging technology. Rough, the packaging process needs to be improved.

The endless stream of technology, which seems to be a stagnation of technological improvements and promotions, has been touted by the public. Even the companies that have introduced this technology are still improving, and the followers have already swarmed. Perhaps, packaging companies should pay more attention to the improvement of existing technologies and processes, the cost reduction, whether new technologies can be widely used in the market, and give time to decide.

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