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The advent of the era of urban intelligent interconnection

The society is developing and progressing. In the future, the city will carry more and more people. Building a smart city has become an irreversible historical trend in the development of today's world cities. “People gather in the city to live, and stay in the city is to make life better.” The philosopher Aristotle used this famous saying to summarize the meaning of urban existence. In recent years, many cities have also used smart city construction as a smart city. The theme of urban development is also used here.


In our vision for the future, street lights on both sides of the street can monitor air temperature and humidity to predict air quality, and can automatically brighten light when detecting crime or illegal parking, perform clearer and more accurate surveillance, and even scan the road. And sidewalks, provide standardized scene information to autonomous vehicles, assist in-vehicle sensors, and jointly improve driving safety. Recently, 7000 street lamps have achieved single-lamp control, and Nanjing urban lighting has entered a new stage of intelligentization. It also shows that urban managers respond intelligently to various needs such as urban services, public safety, and environmental protection, and take the first step in order to realize the automation and intelligence of urban management and services.

From the first day of the birth of the city, it is not the most comfortable form of life for human beings. However, intelligent lighting systems are affecting the construction of the city and bearing the future of innovation. We are also moving towards the goal of a vibrant and beautiful city.

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