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Intelligent lighting in the era of Internet of Things: cross-border integration and sustainable development

Smart cities and intelligent lighting are high-frequency hot words in recent years, and there are inextricable links between the two. In today's Internet of Things era, light is more than just a function of lighting. It has become a language that connects every corner of the world and conveys information. To create a smart city is inseparable from the development of intelligent lighting. Compared with the time when it was just emerging, intelligent lighting has already broken through the conceptual level. Technological advances have never stopped, and there are more and more smart lighting products on the market in the industry.


With the improvement of living standards, the market is increasingly demanding lighting, from simple lighting needs to the pursuit of light and human health, light and nature. In the era of the Internet of Things, to achieve a higher level of intelligent lighting and sustainable development of lighting, cross-border integration is the only way.

At the Connaught Flying Media meeting held during the 23rd International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition), Yao Mengming, General Manager of China's Lighting Design and Application Department of Signify, shared Zenofei as IoT lighting. The lighting companies in the era are developing the layout and views of smart lighting: the Internet of Things and the technology itself under the new era of new lighting are undergoing new changes. The Internet of Things brings not only the impact of the product level, but more Cross-border integration.

Cross-border integration from both product and system services

Yao Mengming said that as an IoT-based lighting company, Yannuo will carry out a series of changes at the product level and system service level. At the product level, Connaught will use the 127-year-old Philips brand and promise to carry smart connectivity for all products by 2020. At the system service level, Yannuo announced the new Internet of Things platform Interact at this year's Frankfurt exhibition. This unified platform integrates the company's previous different applications in B2B. In the future, Yannuo hopes to open up platforms and unify standards and achieve more intelligent lighting through cross-border cooperation with Huawei, China Telecom, China Mobile, Xiaomi, Jingdong and Alibaba.

Starting from the lighting itself, Yao Mengming pointed out that under the new lighting Internet of Things era, lighting has three levels. The first is the most basic lighting level; the second is the network level, mainly NB-IoT, including different communication protocols and network protocols such as LiFi and future 5G applications; the third is the service level, APP-based A platform such as an interface or a cloud service transmits data and lighting information to a cloud platform or server. On these three levels, Yanuofei has carried out cross-border integration.

According to Yao Mengming, at the level of the most basic products, from light source to light fixture to drive, Yannuofei has a complete industrial chain. Through OEM channels, Jinnuofei drives and modules are supplied to other industries to make lamps. Partners, and these chips or modules or drivers will be fully equipped with interconnect capabilities by 2020.

At the network level, Yannuo and Huawei cooperated with NB-IoT. The promotion of narrow-band IoT streetlights on China's CityTouch flex streetlights is based on Huawei's chips. In terms of communication service providers, Yanuofei reached a strategic cooperation with China Telecom Beijing Corporation in November 2017; currently, Yannuofei is also negotiating 5G cooperation with China Mobile; meanwhile, Yannuofei is also a member of the Zigbee Alliance. Philips Hue is a smart home lighting system based on Zigbee.

At the service level, Yanuofei builds the Interact platform and transmits data to the cloud or server. It is an ecosystem built from the product side or the whole set of services. The 2018 elite designer event launched by Yanuofei at the end of last month aims to integrate smart lighting into life through cross-border integration, combining the wisdom of interior architects, lighting designers and home improvement designers. To create the most complete ecosystem.

In addition, regarding cross-border cooperation, Yanuofei also cooperated with a US company in the smart light pole project at the beginning of this year, and Yannuo will also try to find such cooperation opportunities in the Chinese market, through other smart light poles. The service providers work together to create an intelligent platform. It has been said that smart cities began with the development of smart street lights. Yao Mengming said that this view is largely reasonable. In his view, in addition to providing the most basic lighting, the smart road lighting poles can also provide physical bearing platforms and power supplies for various sensors required by other smart cities, which means that smart street lights and wisdom Light poles are playing an increasingly important role.

The harmonious development of light and people and nature is the development direction of intelligent lighting

In recent years, with the advancement of technology and the improvement of living standards, the development of smart cities has taken off, driving the rapid development of urban lighting, including road lighting, landscape lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting and home lighting. And based on the sustainable development of people and nature, no matter which area of lighting, there is a lot of room for improvement.

It is understood that the current penetration rate of smart lighting in the commercial and household sectors is not high, and it still needs to be promoted and promoted. In terms of landscape lighting, although the major cities have recently carried out landscape lighting projects, in reality, landscape lighting should present the historical and cultural characteristics of a city rather than being uniform. In addition, light pollution due to improper or excessive lighting also has a negative impact on the health of people, animals and plants.

The development direction of intelligent lighting in the new era is to realize the harmonious development between city, lighting, people and nature. With the increase of people-oriented consciousness, people have come into being due to lighting. It is reported that during the Frankfurt exhibition earlier this year, some experts and scholars pointed out that it is still too early to realize human-induced lighting. In fact, at the end of last year, Yannuofei installed LED lighting system for the energy company innogy in the Czech headquarters, adjusted the lighting according to the principle of circadian rhythm, and improved the spirit of employees at a specific time. This kind of change with people's work and rest. The concept of dark lighting is human lighting.

What is more noteworthy is that on May 16 this year, Yannuofei launched a new Greater China headquarters building building with smart connected lighting technology. The new building demonstrates the use of intelligent interconnected lighting technology in various spaces. The concept of human lighting and green and healthy architecture.

According to Yao Mengming, the lighting scenes seen in the office buildings in Greater China represent the development direction of the entire office lighting. The new building uses LED innovations, while using different lighting systems to provide lighting scenarios of different spectra, different intensities and different light contrasts over time. He said that this is also the root of human lighting. The lighting that people need every day should change with time like natural light, especially in the face of more humanized and healthier environmental requirements. People's development due to lighting is unstoppable.

In fact, regarding the sustainable development of lighting, in addition to dealing with the relationship between light and people, Yao Mengming also mentioned the harmonious development of light and the natural environment. He pointed out that with the acceleration of urbanization and the development of urban lighting, the phenomenon of light pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the protection of animals and plants is often overlooked. In this regard, Yannuofei also played a leading role. In response to the European 2020 strategy, Conoco has provided some reddish light to a small town in the Netherlands to help protect the local rare animal bats. Yao Mengming said that this reflects the desire to achieve ecological harmony at all levels. .

The concept of human lighting has slowly penetrated into the hearts of the people, and I believe that the future will gradually be applied to more places. The relationship between light and nature is still the cognition that most people lack. Taking outdoor lighting as an example, especially in landscape lighting, in many places in the world, due to improper lighting, the environment in which animals and plants grow is destroyed. How to deal with the relationship between light and nature is also a direction of intelligent lighting development.

In general, smart lighting has become the general trend of developing smart cities, and its development direction is to achieve the harmonious development of light and people and nature, and achieve sustainable development of lighting. As Yao Mengming said, Yannuofei will continue to try and work on different aspects to create a light environment that is in line with ecologically sustainable development.

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